Locations for Sessions

There are so many beautiful parks in and around San Antonio and New Braunfels area with their own character. Before your session, my son and I make a trip to scope out the location because a new season can bring a whole new backdrop. If you have a location in mind not listed, let me know! I love searching out new places.

*Some parks require a permit a couple weeks in advance

**Permit and travel fees will be added to your invoice.

The Pearl

San Antonio: Industrial, beautiful backdrops with so many options and variations! Fantastic for any occasion!

Landa Gardens Conservancy

San Antonio: this Library features a beautiful library with patio arch, community garden, and a small wooded area.

*This location requires a permit to be made at least 14 days before session. This location hosts events, so have a second date in mind, just in case.


New Braunfels: Thinking more of a country, small town vibe? Gruene is a photographer's play ground! So many different backdrops with access to the Guadalupe River. This is a hip hopping town! Morning sessions are great to avoid the crowds.

Enchanted Rock

Fredericksburg: creates a bigger than life nature feel! Client must pay for their park entrance. Passes go super fast! Passes must be purchased ASAP to gurantee session on selected day/time. Once passes are purchased, then we will move forward with the agreement.

*This location includes a $100 travel fee

Phil Hardberger NW Military Entrance

San Antonio: This park has open sky and tall grass. It also has a cute closed off garden. Their event center building would also create a beautiful backdrop. The paths are more open with cedar trees on either side.

*Requires a Permit 2 weeks in advance

Phil Hardberger Blanco Entrance:

San Antonio: This entrance has shaded pathways with beautiful trees on either side. There are paved and gravel walk ways.

*Requires a permit two weeks in advance

Cibolo Center for Conservation

Boerne: This park features 3 different backdrops: paths, open field with tall grass, and a beautiful river with tall trees.

*park requires $25 photo Permit

** $50 travel fee

Eilan Hotel

San Antonio: Located near La Cantera. This venue gives an upscale city feel.

Crescent Bend Nature Park

Schertz/Cibolo: This park features 3 different backdrops. Path with trees off the path, open field, and a creek

Faust Street Bridge

New Braunfels: This bridge is a hidden gem.

Blue Star Arts Complex

Located in the King William District and gives an industrial feel with a variety of backdrops.

Landa Park

New Braunfels: This park features tall trees, water backgrounds, ducks, paths, and trains.

Japanese Tea Garden

San Antonio: The Tea Garden is located by the San Antonio Zoo and Brackenridge Park. The gardens feature paths, stone walls, water falls, and beautiful plants. (The tea garden's need a reservation for photography sessions.)

*Requires a permit

McAllister Park

San Antonio: Entrance are located off Warzbach Parkway and Jones Maltsberger Road. This large park contains many paved and unpaved paths and open fields.

Fountain Structure Near the Pearl

San Antonio: This fountain is such a cool industrial structure. This area also features a brick wall and arched entrance for other options.

Coffee Shop, Ice Cream, Book Store

Start or end your session with a shop in your selected location!


My little studio is located in Selma. This location is fantastic for individual portraits for milestone and branding.

*COMING SOON! In-studio photos from Studio 125...rental fee $50 an hour...features multiple backdrops in paper and canvas, plus chairs, couches, plants, and other props.

*Other parks to consider:

Brackenridge-San Antonio requires a permit

Botanical Gardens: Require $195 Permit

McNAy Museum- Grounds permit begins at $30, Courtyard and staircase $125 an hour (reservations to be made 10-14 days before session)

Hemisphere Park

Blue Star Arts Complex

RIver walk